Severe Headache - Six Steps You Must Take

Stop Painkillers

Headache Friendly Lifestyle

Effective Medicaton

The False Alarm

Drug Free Treatments

Healthy Thinking

These steps should reduce your chance of severe headache by 50% to 75%.

There are simple things you can do to get on the road to recovery - stop overusing painkillers, start walking, make diet and healthy lifestyle a top priority.

If you use medicines you can learn how to use them properly.

Consider proven drug-free treatments like biofeedback, physiotherapy, vitamin and herbal remedies and acupunture.

Severe headache can feel like a daily battle against pain.  This feeling is terrible as you feel you will never get better.

Invest your time and effort into understanding pain.  Take time to learn to relax and feel less anxious about your severe headache.

My name is Dr Raeburn Forbes. 
I am a practising neurologist who sees lots of people with severe headache.
What you read is based on years of experience. 
The information is backed up by medical research, and is what I share with my own patients.
This is your personal invitation to learn more and break free from the hold that bad headaches have over you.
Learn about these 6 steps. 
Understand your problem.
Put into practice what you can. 
Start to restore your life.
Please note this website is not a substitute for proper medical care.  It should be used along with your own doctors advice.
If you have symptoms that are causing you concern you should discuss these with your doctor.
Kindest regards,
Signed by Dr Raeburn Forbes MD(Hons) Consultant Neurologist
Dr Raeburn B. Forbes MD(Hons) FRCP Ed FRCP Lond
Consultant Neurologist and Author of Severe-Headache-Expert

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