Is Your Headache Dangerous?

Feel less afraid of headaches

by Dr Raeburn Forbes MD(Hons)

You must see a doctor if you have a new headache of recent onset, which is completely different to anything you've ever had before. It is easy for a doctor to know if it's a dangerous headache.

If your headache is not dangerous, then most likely you have Migraine. You need to be prepared for your next Migraine, because they will return someday.

It is impossible to get control if you continue to think you have a serious cause for headaches. You need to know that you are safe.

Once you are safe you can take whatever steps you want to get back in control.

Start here - discover more and get back in control.

Feel Safe:Your First Step in Taking Control of Headaches

Headache Symptoms that Matter

by Dr Raeburn Forbes MD(Hons)

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